Technical translations in Monza Brianza


We work with language specialists specializing in technical disciplines to offer the best technical translation.

ITS Studio offers the service of Technical translations in Monza Brianza since 1990, thanks to the collaboration of mother tongue translators, and a team of experts in the various fields of expertise. Translation takes place in different language combinations including: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Russian, Polish, Romanian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Slovenian, Greek, Turkish and Oriental languages.

A technical translation can refer to a wide range of industries ranging from engineering to industry, concerning documents written by professionals with particular technological or scientific topics. It is important that the translation is done in a precise and punctual way.

To achieve this goal, ITS Studio uses a translator, language specialists and scientific or technical disciplines: in this way it is possible to transmit the information in an appropriate way in the target language and target market.

The linguistic elements are meticulously studied to obtain an excellent result in the technical texts.

For technical translation is provided word processing for web sites. It is important to keep the technical language but also translate the website mood, throughout a meticulous work who can communicate the image of a company even in another language.

ITS Studio in Monza is an agency specialized in translations of all kinds: with technological evolution, in addition to traditional translations, for advertising and communication agencies, the translation of websites or e-commerce. ITS Studio provides, with professionalism and competence, also to this