Sworn, asserted and legalized translations in Monza Brianza


Talent and professionalism: Studio ITS is an allied for many companies in Lombardy and over Italy.

The need arises often, for work or holiday reasons, of having to drive abroad: Studio ITS specialized in sworn, asserted and legalized translations in Monza Brianza, offers advice and services also for the translation of driving licenses. ITS Studio also offers the helpful patent translation service which allows a foreign nationals in Italy or Italian citizens abroad not to give up the autonomy of being able to travel with one own vehicle.
If necessary, is also possible to request a translation of sworn licenses.

In the context of certificate translations Studio ITS Monza deals with translation of documents about the person as a judiciary registry translation, penal certificates translations, translations
certificates of family status, translations of self-certification, always followed by practice
of affirmations decided.

Sworn translations require the translator to go to the appropriate Chancellery of the Court, to swear the responsibility of that translation. The translator who performing sworn translator must
be a member of the C.T.U., Judges of the Court or of the Chamber of Commerce.

ITS Studio translators are prepared for contracts of all kinds, in order to carry out a service translation of contracts that respect the differences between the different legal systems of various nations, as well as the varieties of terminology inherent to the pertinence sector.

The ITS Studio deals not only with the translation of circulation booklet in foreign language, but also of translation of foreign circulation booklet in italian language providing private and insurance and car registrations agencies the affirmations decided service, to make such documents valid in Italy as well as abroad.

ITS deals also with of legalization of documents, very demanding service from different
companies, especially because it is mandatory by law.