Scientific/pharmaceutical medical translations in Monza Brianza


ITS Studio: a reliable reality for companies in Lombardy and all over of Italy.

ITS Studio produces scientific and pharmaceutical medical translations in Monza Brianza and during this process our team uses specialized dictionaries and literature, often doing side by side by professionals scientific field that can address them to a translation as faithfully as possible to the text original.

The translation of clinical studies offered by Studio ITS is made up of experienced staff in that particular field, practical translators who are able to transfer very technical concepts and texts into the required language. Terminology scientific and medical needs attention and meticulousness in every language: the adaptation of every concept in the destination language needs excellent preparation.
The constant upgrading of our hardware and software technology also translates into extreme flexibility in the elaboration of the texts, allowing you to meet the most specific needs. Reliability, punctuality, expertise: these are the strengths of Studio ITS, who has been in the field since 1990.

Therapeutic indications, dosage, collateral effects, undesirable effect or methods of administration are just a few of the captions contained in the illustrative leaflets of non-prescription or specific medicines. ITS Studio offers the service of translations of illustrative leaflets, making use specialized collaborators in the field, so that the technical terminology can be translated with precision and meticulousness.

The ITS Studio deals with translations of all kinds in multiple languages: collaborates with numerous companies for provide excellent translation and interpretation services. Thanks to the expertise and professionalism of mother tongue translators, is a reliable reality for companies in Lombardy and all over Italy.