Legal and economic translations in Monza Brianza


The ITS study often involves the collaboration of jurist and lawyers for a professional job

The ITS Studio specializes in Legal and economic translations in Monza Brianza; in addition, in this broad branch is also included the legal translation service related to civil and criminal cases that make it necessary ranslations of judgments, witnesses, appeals, injurious decrees and everything that belongs to the sphere of case law.

The ITS study often involves the collaboration of lawyers and lawyers to do a professional job: in this way, customers get a very precise service. For translations of this type is necessary do not miss it nothing make the text closer to the original, working very important documents, necessary for the practical debris and or for consultation or archiving.

Furthermore, thanks to the collaboration of Studio ITS with many experts in the economic sector, companies can rely on an efficient translation of texts of economics, translation of balance sheets, accounting documents, , economic regulations translations, economic texts in general. Through a preparation global economic science, ITS Studio provides an important added value to companies and not only.

Precision and care in research are two of the most important features for ITS Study, the main purpose is to offer a meticulous and accurate service that respects the nature of the original texts: commercial texts, budgets, regulations, all these documents require preparation
and a very accurate study and the final result must be the best.

Since 1990, ITS Studio has been a reference point in the translation service for many companies, not only in northern Italy, but also all over Italy.