ITS Studio


Our history


ITS Studio in Monza Brianza offers translation and interpretation services since 1990. Using the collaboration of native speakers, resulting from a severe selection process, our co-workers
specialize in many industrial and commercial sectors: exactly for this reason we guarantee our customers reliability, efficiency, punctuality, precision and competence great value for money.

The constant updating of our hardware and software technology also translates to an extreme
flexibility in word processing allowing you to meet the most specific needs.

Among our clients we have production companies, import and export, publishing groups, law firms, accounting, of architecture and technicians, international translation offices, advertising agencies and graphics. In practice, we offer a translation service of 360° degrees, ranging from the scientific-pharmaceutical sector to the legal and economic sector and translation of websites, e-commerce, translation of brochures, leaflets, but also of book and material editorial. Our studio also offers interpreting services simultaneously or consecutively.

With years of experience starting since 1990, the ITS Studio in the province of Monza Brianza has been able to collect a vast and heterogeneous portfolio of clients, both in terms of excellent translation service from and to Italian, both as regards the interpretation service.

Our location is easily accessible by car and on foot, as the studio is located in the center of Vedano in Lambro and it is very easy to find street parking.

Visit our industries and book consulting: on request we can also make estimates and we accept
payments by bank transfer, checks and cash.